Team Challenge



Featuring a Low ropes course designed for people to keep a level head as they must tackle a 60m course with a pint of water on their heads. Teams must race round in relay and the team with the most water collected at the end wins.

The human claw grabber, imagine playing an old school claw machine at the arcade, only our one is 10x the size and your controls have a mind of their own as you direct 6 of your friends to grab a series of objects. Did we mention your controllers are blinded! the team with the most objects at the end of the time wins!

The co-ordination challenge. test your team’s coordination as you race to get weighted balls from point A – B. Teams must raise in series sections of the course at precise points to make sure the ball doesn’t fall out of the track! for each time this happens the ball is reset. mention, the stepping stone challenge. Test your team’s ability to communicate in a race against the clock.

Teams must make their way across a series of stepping stones to reach the other side only one path way leads the correct way and the team who reaches the other side the quickest makes it the next section of the race. Following on from the stepping stones comes a ski challenge where you must work together to get your skies off the ground and racing towards the finishing line.

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